M/M Romance for the Masses: It's Not Opera, My Dears!

Welcome to Edie Montreux

Hello, readers! As a contemporary and fantasy M/M romance author, I believe love is love is love, and everyone deserves a happily ever after. If you believe the same, you're in the right place!

About the Author

I'm going slightly mad...

Edie Montreux (she/her): I am demisexual and an ally for all aspects of the LGBTQ+ rainbow. I love my husband, Queen, dogs, and video games. I work full-time to support my LGBTQ-fiction writing habit but still find time to walk the dogs and protect imaginary worlds from fantasy creatures. Welcome to the website - please check out Published Works! If you want to know more about my upcoming projects, please join my newsletter! Questions or comments on one of my books? Email me.


Yes, there have been page updates, consolidations, splits, and some hidden content while I work on making new books happen. I look forward to sharing some new projects with you soon. For now: Patience, dears.

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