Stories Without Homes

Writing Dreams into Reality

You won't find much of my backlog on Amazon (yet). Keep an eye out for these projects in the future.

Completed Works

Breaking All the Rules

80k M/M Contemporary Romance

Book 1: Hollywood Ever Afters
After a scandal ended his modeling career, Drexel Blessing switched careers to become a talent agent. Leery of his past, Drexel lives by a staunch set of rules to distance himself from the old Drexel. His most lucrative client, Robbie McReynolds, is the only one who's ever tempted him to break those rules. When Robbie comes out and sets his sights on Drexel, more than Drexel's rules will be broken. (This is the first book in an open-ended series of finding true love in callous tinseltown.


Submitted to MLR on August 28! Wish me luck!

Farbonnur Elves (five book series)

M/M Fantasy series

A young elf raised in the shadows of the sawhorses of Abilwyn, a breath away from the hangman's noose and tested yearly for hereditary abomination. A centuries-old elf seeking redemption for wiping out an entire clan of elves and allowing human mages to rule the land with their ritual sacrifices. Together, can they save the elves of Farbonnur, or are they destined to destroy all elfkind?

Note: This series is set a century after the events in The King's Physician, in the same fantasy world.

Works in Progress

So many ideas, so little time

When I'm not working on submission calls, I'm revising a YA Novel from horror to romance and turning my first published short story into a novel.

Love Your Enemy

Young Adult M/M Romance

Randy Price thinks he's left his neo-nazi past behind him, but when the neighborhood kids recognize him from Court TV, he has to decide once and for all who he really is: Is he grand dragon or boyfriend material? When his love interest is Levi Mayer, an out-and-proud Jewish boy, he can't be both.

Out of Print


2016 anthology.jpg

Spoils of War

2016 Yaoicon Anthology

A Russian patrol finds more than they expected in a Berlin beerhall at the end of World War II.


Mercury Rising (poem)

The Show Must Go On

A poem about a dream of Freddie.