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2014 Writing Resolutions

This is the first year since 2010 that I don’t have “Finish the Farbonnir series” on my resolutions list. This is also the first year that I actually have the tools necessary to be a productive writer. My resolutions are going to look a little different than they did last year.

Granted, I wasn’t blogging about writing last year, so I’ll fill you in on what those writing goals were: -Read 4 books a month (accomplished) -Write 1k words a day (um…not exactly) -On days where 1k words were not written, find a vocabulary word in the dictionary and use it in a WIP-related sentence -Journal daily (oh, journal, we started off so well…until April.) -Finish Book 5 (done) -Submit Book 1 (done…with inadequate results)

My goals for 2014: -Read 5 books a month. It’s a goal I could have achieved in 2010 and 2011, had I been striving toward it, and a goal I have surpassed in 2012 and 2013. -Write book dissertations on all books in my prospective genres, critiquing what I liked, what I learned, and how I can improve. What’s the point of reading if you don’t learn from it? -Write 1k per day on a novel idea, or spend at least one hour brainstorming -Using the “Word a Day” e-mails, words from books, and perusing the dictionary, add at least 365 words to my vocabulary notebook by the end of the year. -Journal daily. -Complete Breaking All the Rules by March 31st. -Write 50k in 30 days on Ghost Light in April. …On May 1, reconsider what my writing goals should be, and what my next projects will be. -Blog once a week.

Those are some pretty big goals. I’d better get started. You think these are bad, you should see my goals for living healthy and furthering my career.

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