• Edie Montreux

2020 Reading Challenge

I met my 2020 goal to read 60 books with a few days to spare. Looking back on the year, it's not what I thought I would read. I thought I'd find time to get to some backlogged M/M Romances from a few years ago. Instead, I read new stuff interspersed with nonfiction.

Of the 60, 36 were nonfiction. That's some kind of record for me. 15 were about corporate life/the day job. 15 were writing/craft books. I also read 2 autobiographies, 2 spiritual/self-realization books, and 2 healthy eating books.

If you're waiting for Edie's Top Ten Books Read in 2020, I've retired from reviews. I may be wishy-washy on some things I say (like planning blog posts - that never happened), but I'm holding true to this one. The writing community needs to stick together. I hope we all make it, and I won't destroy someone else's happy.

In 2021, I'll finish my backlog of nonfiction and start chipping away at the books I bought before I discovered the awesomeness of queer lit. I'll still share the M/M romance and LGBTQ+ fantasy I'm adding to my TBR list in my newsletters - subscribe if you're interested!

What are your reading plans for 2021?

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