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“Time waits for nobody.”

Well, it’s certainly not waiting for me. I have just spent the last half-hour writing a blog to myself about editorial decisions I made when I went back to book 1 after completing book 3, decisions that are clunky and unnecessary. Before that, I spent four years writing a five book series that is nowhere near polished enough for a publisher’s eyes.

Don’t worry. I won’t bore you with the details. You don’t care, and I don’t blame you!

So today I’m going to listen to movie soundtracks (Sherlock Holmes and Hugo are amazing!) and rewrite the trek to Zammattau, which will take longer, since they have to travel under the cover of darkness, and it’s late summer.

Denny’s getting more time on screen. In fact, he stole the first chapter. Not only that, he is the hero most of the time, the one avoiding the call until he has no choice. I get to spend more time with my favorite character, and more and more, he’s becoming the main character, not the love interest with a checkered past.

Time gives us perspective. I’ve always wanted to be that writer who churns out five books a year, but I need time to reflect on it, especially since I’ve done so much of this alone.

I really appreciate all the help from my betas. I need to hear what readers like, or hate. Granted, my readers aren’t completely unbiased. They are my friends, after all. However, they’re going to get my chapters ready to submit to AW, or RRW, where they really will be torn apart.

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