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A Case of the Mondays

Where did this weekend go?

Not only that…why, when I started off with such great intentions to write my blog early (Friday night) is it now Monday and no blog post?

Well, I finished a short story Saturday night. I thought I did, anyway. I realized today that it needs at least one more scene to wrap it into one neat package. Premature celebration. I blame the Cubs.

No, I don’t follow baseball. It’s my least favorite sportsball. I don’t really follow Concussions R Us (football, or NASCAR – steering wheels are sportsballs too) any more, either. I feel like I lived so much of my life asleep, spectating when I should have been creating. Yes, I know. I make my own self sick.

So what did I do this weekend? I played Gears 4 Horde with Lemur. I finished(ish) a short story. I slept in Saturday morning, and then stayed up until early Sunday morning. I worked out. I played D&D with my friends. And then we watched The Walking Dead. No spoilers, I promise.

I had a case of the Mondays all weekend. Now, it’s time to work!

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