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  • Edie Montreux

A Few Open Letters on Kavanaugh

This was me, trying really hard to not write about Kavanaugh.


Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

As a rape and physical assault survivor, it hurts to see how callous the GOP is about the rape culture and rampant misogyny in this country. Instead of changing it, they continue to institutionalize it. If Kavanaugh is appointed to the Supreme Court, we will have two misogynist jackwads out of nine making decisions about the laws of our land. My great-great-grandparents came from Ireland to escape bullshit like this. Maybe it’s time to go back.

We caught a bit of Saturday Night Live last night. One of the skits was about 80’s frat parties. This morning, I read through a friend’s Facebook post about 80’s movies, such as The Breakfast Club, that don’t withstand the test of time. Rape jokes. Misogyny. Slut-shaming. Good-girl shaming. Gay jokes. I’m glad I didn’t watch it until college, but even then, it felt icky. I can’t imagine trying to explain 80’s culture to a child growing up in today’s world.

Dear Boomers, Gen-X, Gen-Y, and Gen Z: Rape is not okay. Misogyny is not okay. “Boys will be boys” is an excuse, one we’ve allowed far too long. If my dog can understand consent (he doesn’t get to eat the treat until I say so), men can be held to a higher standard of consent, too. If they don’t like it, and cry like little bitches (or Kavanaugh on the stand), that’s all part of growing up, something most female-bodied persons had to do far too young, all because “boys will be boys.” It’s time for the men of our generations to admit their behavior was, and in some cases still is, reprehensible. Do not take no for an answer. DO NOT condone or reward this behavior.

Dear Senate Judiciary Committee, including my own senator for whom I voted two of the last three times he was up for election (but not this last one, because his treatment of Garland was unforgivable and I wish the rest of my red state would have seen that): I am certain there are judges with GOP leanings out there who have better moral beliefs than Brett Kavanaugh. If you must nominate and select a Republican who is going to overturn Roe v. Wade, at least let him be someone who practices what he preaches. I can live with that. At least then I know he’s acting on some internal belief system, and not just being a misogynistic asshole who hates women and thinks whatever happens should impact their entire lives, from carrying an unwanted pregnancy to living with the memory of a drunk teenager holding her down and covering her mouth with his hand so no one can hear her scream.

Dear FBI: Be like King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’s Mercia. Work quickly and well. I believe in you. (Oh, and stay at least 1400 yards from Goosefat Bill.)


Sidenote: No beers were harmed in the making of this post, but the above image was stolen from the interwebz to make a meme. Guy Ritchie, please forgive me.

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