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A Few Things

I don’t have a blog topic today. You blew me away on Tuesday with over 100 hits to the blog about the petition to Amazon. For those of you who think 100 hits is small potatoes, this made it to one of my most popular posts of all time. This blog is small potatoes, in other words. continues to send me email updates asking for more signatures (or money, but honestly, I feel like I already reached over 100 people for free). Please sign the petition to stop Amazon from allowing ebook returns after they’ve been read 15% or more. Once you’ve signed, share the links on social media. Believe it or not, you’re reaching people.

Gamer Update: We beat Diablo III on Normal. Diablo was not as scary this time. Some of the other battles were harder. I’m sure that will change on Nightmare and Hell. For those of you who game, remember facing Duriel in the desert (before Diablo II version 1.09, apparently)? You open the door, he freezes your ass with frost nova, and BOOM, instakill. I’m not advocating insta-kills. However, I think a game should live up to its name and the games that came before. Diablo should be fucking DIABLO. Where was the chain lightning? Where was the fear? Why was Diablo not the biggest monster we faced?

So, on a scale of 1-5, I rate Diablo III a 3, or meh. Will I play through Nightmare and Hell? Probably. Lemur wants to unlock “all the things.” Okay, then. We will unlock all the things. I also have good news, but I’m not sure if I can share it. Just know that there is good news, and I’m super excited. I’ll share more when I can. That’s the few things I have on my plate today. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! I hope you can enjoy the weather in your neck of the woods.

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