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A Letter from Quarantine - 3/21

Dear friends, I hope this letter finds you well.

It is day three in quarantine for me. I've had allergy-cough and heaviness in my chest since last Friday, but no fever. I also have no thermometer to check my temperature. I know what a fever feels like and I'm fine. (No, I did not buy that ovulation thermometer off Amazon like you asked me to, Bestie. I'm not stealing one from someone who really needs it for its intended purpose.)

Things I've learned in quarantine:

1) One lap around my first floor, with many loop-de-loops for as many steps as possible, is around 90 steps.

2) One lap around my back yard is around 500 steps.

3) 10,000 steps goes by much slower if you count ALL OF THEM.

4) My Queen playlist is trying to drive me insane. It will play one song from Hot Space, followed by a song from Flash Gordon, and then another song from Hot Space, followed by Flash Gordon. I like hearing them every once in awhile, mixed in with good albums like A Kind of Magic or The Game. If I have to hear the lines, "John Lennon is a Genius" followed by, "Do you take this woman to be your Empress of the Hour?" in the same five minute time-block again, my laptop may be doomed.

5) Social distancing is kinda my thing, but even I get a little stir-crazy sometimes. Lemur and I have long, one-sided conversations when he returns home from work. Thursday, I told him all about my Hot Space theory: Queen said, "Hey, we've got this great Bowie song. All the Bowie fans are going to buy it, and all the Queen fans are going to love it. Let's throw ALL THE SHIT we've recorded so far on the album and call it done. Bowie fans hate us anyway. Queen fans will be disappointed, but they'll still buy the next one." Yesterday, we talked about supporting our local restaurants who deliver. Our favorite Chinese place was shut down until recently due to a fire. We ordered from them last night.

Thank you so much for continuing to read my drivel! I was a pro at social distancing before it was cool, but it's been a long week. I know we all experience stress and change differently. These are just a few observations I've made as I've hunkered down for an indefinite quarantine.

This is a wonderful time to read all the books in your to-be-read file, and the perfect time to try new-to-you authors. Please check out my Published Works page, two of which are permanently free. Happy reading and stay safe :)

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