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A New Tradition

In Amy Lane's YA fantasy series, the family has a tradition of writing letters at Solstice and burning them to let go of old pain and to bring in the new year. If there's one year that needs a good cleansing of past hurts and ushering in room for new joy, it's 2020.

I wrote a blog post to my ex after he created a new account to contact me (again, after I've blocked him in ALL THE PLACES). I won't post it, but I'm definitely printing that bitch out and burning it this year.

I'm hella bitter about not being able to see my family for the holidays. I'll be writing a long, angry letter to disbelievers and anti-vaxers and burning it this year.

I'm sad we've lost so many people to COVID-19. If you haven't been personally touched by this virus in some way, I hope you realize the level of privilege that takes, not only for you but for everyone around you. I'll be writing a letter of remembrance to those I've lost and burning it this year.

If there's one thing the lack of commute and the lack of a social life has done for all of us, it's given us more time to reflect. I hope you all find the time and energy to write your own letters. May you also burn them safely and avoid setting fire to your home.

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