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A Note about Cosplay

Note to self: when planning to attend Comic Con, one must purchase tickets in advance, preferably at early bird prices. I’ve been talking about it since last year, but never really planned anything. After weighing the at-the-door cost, and the benefits, we’re not going. Lemur and I would go for an hour, maybe buy something, and walk amid a throng of people, uncomfortable as fuck.

It’s probably too early to buy tickets for next year…

It’s a good thing I didn’t invest in more costumes. I really want to put together a Milesandre costume. Can I wear a Game of Thrones costume to an anime convention this fall? 

I would make a terrible Sailor Freddie Mercury, but an awesome Sailor Brian May… would anyone get it, and should I care?

When did I become the person who asks these questions?

My parents never understood my obsession with Star Wars, or Indiana Jones, or video games (or Queen, for that matter). I read fantasy because it’s an escape from the daily grind. I read science fiction because I believed, still do, that life exists out there. I know there are other cultures in the universe who would help us evolve into the kind of people who don’t bully those who are different, and who seek to understand rather than hate.

Until then, I’m more than a rock or an island. I’m a fucking fortress. These costumes are my walls.

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