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A Vote for Freckles

Amy Lane asked today which of her novels is the best pick-me-up after reading one of her heart-stomping tissue-fests (ahem…Selfie). There were many great replies. If I Must. Turkey in the Snow. Clear Water. Christmas Kitsch. Christmas with Danny Fit. Shiny! Summer Lessons. Gambling Men. Going Up. The Candy Man series. The Granby series. It’s not Shakespeare. I love them all. They are all happy, sweet romances. I loved Shiny! so much I bought it twice!

Yes, I love Amy Lane. I’ve written about the Candy Man series and Winter Ball / Summer Lessons in recaps. However, my favorite short and sweet read: Freckles. Tonight’s blog is dedicated to my love for this cute novel.

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you haven’t read this adorable short, grab it tonight, read it, and then we’ll gush together.

First, there’s a dog. A cute little white fluffy dog (Freckles) who is just handed to the main character, (Carter) a corporate lawyer who’s never had a pet in his whole life. He’s kept his life prim and neat according to his mother’s wishes. With no warning, he’s a dog owner.

Carter has no clue how to be a dog owner. He’s a workaholic at a bag’o’dicks firm, helping them take down a family who lost their dog due to a negligent fence contractor.

Carter takes his little puff-ball to the vet, where he meets Sandy the vet tech. Love ensues. They are so sweet together.

***Seriously, you could have gotten all that from the book blurb. Here’s the SPOILER, and the reason I love this book.***

While I love the romance, the best part of this novel is when Carter rage-quits his job. He can’t take working for the monster firm any longer.

Better yet, he has a business plan: he’s helping pet owners win their court cases, and also writing contracts and other legalities for his dog sitter and other people with pet-support businesses. He’s using his lawyer talents for good, not evil.

Carter inspires me every day to keep looking for a way to make the world a better place for the ones who matter. If you’re a dog person, dogs matter, so you want to support the people who make the world a better place for dogs. If you’re an LGBTQ+ supporter, you want to make the world a better place for LGBTQ+ people. If you love dogs and the rainbow, you stick to your day job and hope one day you’ll retire and write full time. Or maybe that’s just me. Also, this could be me…

Tell me what you thought of Freckles, or any other Yellow (Lite Contemporary) Amy Lane book! (Or if you want to get into Orange and Purple, we’ll be right here with you.) Remember to @Amy on Facebook and/or Twitter, so she can see, too!

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