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Adding to the TBR

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Who says people don’t read any more? I’ve added more books to my TBR file this week, thanks to people recommending books to me.

I’m catching up on some required training at work, so of course, every link I select tells me about a new book of research in my field or in overall career improvement. I attended a meeting today where two of the presenters spoke about ideas they’d gotten from books they read. Their presentations were interesting, so of course I’m going to add those books, too.

I’m already working through a backlog purchased a year ago in M/M, self-help, or non-fiction books about writing, and up to five years ago for non-M/M fiction. My non-M/M pile is no longer growing, at least, since it’s not worth buying just to have it stare at me on my TBR list for the next five years. Yes, I know there are some great books out there, but they’re blessed LONG and BORING if they don’t have characters I want to read about.

I’ll be flipping through Self-help, Writing, and M/M until they’re empty. Which will be never. Happy reading!

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