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Adopt a Cat Month

Happy Pride, friends!!! I'm participating in thirty days of prompts at Evie Drae's #WriteLGBTQ on Twitter. You can follow along and meet some new authors/creators using the #PrideWrite hashtags daily.

Did you know June is also Adopt a Cat month? I miss my kittehs so very much, even though I've blogged twice about the pain in the ass they were: Here and Here. Saying goodbye to them sucked, but I would do it all over again if I could.

Big Dog killed his first family's cat - that's how he came to live with us. That's also how we decided to get a Little Dog instead of a Feline Dictator.

The good/bad thing about not getting our cats spayed on the farm: I've met every cat soul reincarnation there is. If I see a cat on the internet, I know its name, or the name I gave it in the nine lives it spent with me. This one's name was Feisty (yes, I am pulling random images off the interwebz and no, these are not my cats - sorry if they are yours):

We named this one Freckles:

This little guy was Indiana Jones.

This was my favorite cat, B.E. (I named him blue eyes because they stayed blue for a very long time, but then they turned green and the name was ridiculous.)

I found this picture of my cat, Amanda (left), fighting a cat that looked like one of my mom's cats at the time, and it's a Highlander meme... I think my mom even had this bedspread:

Adopt a cat this June. Make fun cat memes of your own. Beware toxoplasmosis and don't get too angry when they puke all over everything - you'll miss them when they're gone.

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