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Adult Responsibility Fail

I never used to think I needed to relax or unwind. I’m fun all the time, right? No. No, I’m not. I’m uptight. I don’t like strangers, and it’s hard for me to be me when I’m afraid someone doesn’t like me.

My reputation for being shy and sometimes uptight led to my team asking me to join them for drinks. I declined several. I’m a lightweight drinker. I drink fast, and I never really know when to stop. I declined until that one time when one of my favorite people in the department left (which I talked about here). After that, I was doing really well, having the occasional two beers (not six, like that night) and being social with my friends.

Well, then I thought I could combine drinking with my department friends and being social with my Pride peeps. Here’s the problem: my department friends went to a German beer house. At noon. I ordered a liter. We passed at least 4 boots in the time I was there. Sometime around three, I ordered another liter, this one apple cider. I also ordered a sandwich with bacon, which was stupid. I don’t like bacon or pancakes because they were the last food I ate before I got the flu when I was a kid, and I hate puking more than anything else in the whole world, so I try to stay away from bacon and pancakes.

Do you see where this is going?

I’ll save you the gory details. Let’s just call it adult responsibility fail.

My ride to the Pride social (and good friend) made sure I would be okay and then left without me–I was in no shape to be social. My best friend, who should have been hooking up with the hot guy who lives nearby, instead took me home. My other friend stayed and walked us to the car to make sure we were okay.

I feel terribly guilty for missing the social. I really hoped I would make it to the first one with our new board. I saw one of the original founders of Pride on my way out the door at noon and said I’d see her later.

I feel like I should feel more guilty for making the world revolve around me for a couple of hours. Let’s just say I’ve watched that play out, and it’s not pretty. But then I remember these are my friends, and I’ve seen them say no when they didn’t want to do something. They wanted to help me out last night. They are the best friends anyone could have, and they’re awesome.

For once, instead of writing the adventure into my life, I was the adventure. Sometimes, I think that’s what all of us need: a little adventure. Don’t worry, Pride friends. Next time, you’ll be in on the adventure, too. And there will be no cider, and no bacon. Absolutely no bacon.

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