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To prepare for week one of The Artist’s Way, I wrote out my first affirmation, and my negative blurt responses.

“I, Edie Montreux, am a brilliant and prolific writer.”

Stupid girl doesn’t know what name to use. Prolific?  You never write enough. You never finish what you start. You write prolific whining in your journal, but that’s about it. Brilliant! Ha! Why waste your time writing, if you’re so brilliant? Cure cancer, you brilliant bitch. What do you know about writing, anyway?  One award-winning essay on banned books and one soon-to-be published short story don’t make you a writer. If you’re so brilliant, why do even your friends hate what you write? Prolific. Right. Five 110k novels about elves that no one will ever read. If you’re so brilliant, why haven’t you published a novel yet?

No wonder I stopped writing.

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