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Ahoy, Me Harties

I apologize for the week-long delay. The blogger app still sucks. This time, it wouldn’t let me start a new blog. I kept mashing my phone screen. I imagine someone on the other side at Google probably had a good laugh about it. “This girl wants to blog. NOPE!” (Well aware this is technology and there is no one sitting on the other end at Google. I’m crazy, but not THAT stupid.)

Last Saturday was Talk Like A Pirate Day. I got to see my pirate wenches, Ruthie and Ren, ON Talk Like a Pirate Day!!! Not only that, I was dressed like a pirate. Ruthie and Ren had a booth in the Artists’ Alley, so they couldn’t leave. Ro, Ande, and I took Uber to Krispy Creme, talked like pirates for free donuts, and I got a free dozen for dressing like a pirate! We took the free donuts to Ruthie and Ren, who let us into the super-secret rooftop dining area at the Hyatt. Good times. I love my pirate wenches.

I realized in the airport on my way home that I didn’t take a single fucking picture at the convention. I suppose it’s better that way…no evidence. And yet, I really wanted to post a picture of “Me Harties.”

Instead, enjoy this fun video:Stay tuned: I will update my YaoiCon Page with new information on YaoiCon 2015 today or tomorrow.

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