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An Attitude of Gratitude

Since we’ve just spent a holiday thinking about how thankful we are (or are not) for our family and friends, let’s review ten inane things for which I am truly grateful.

10. American Muscle. From the General Lee to the Winchester mobile, from Kit to Eleanor, from Mecum to Barrett Jackson, cars on television have been a great way for my family to pass the time.

9. Music. I always buy a couple of CDs for our road trip to see the fam. This year, we listened to Lily Allen (Lemur neither liked nor disliked) Regina Spektor (Lemur hated, then laughed, then hated) and Mika (Lemur liked, but Origin of Love was better than The Boy Who Knew Too Much, in his opinion.) This song may not be appropriate for your family, but it made the holidays easier for me.

8. Books. I finished Chuck Wendig’s Thirty Days in the Word Mines this week. It didn’t inspire me to finish my pirate novel in 30 days: I’m still several thousand words behind. It did give great advice about not worrying what others think for the first draft. I really like his idea at the end, to sit down and write at least 365 words per day. I intend to do so for the rest of this year. If you’re a writer, you know as well as I do that 365 words per day will be a low estimate, since I always find something else to say once the words start rolling. It’s making yourself sit down in front of the blank page every fucking day and forming that habit that truly makes a writer.

7. Absolute Write. I’ve heard the place has gone downhill since I was a frequent contributor, but I’ve made some wonderful friends there. Honestly, I think some of the criticism comes from their willingness to ban trolls, which I think is awesome. Writing is hard enough without trolls and haters.

6. Queen t-shirts at Hot Topic. Two of them. Because one day I’m going to wear jeans and t-shirts for my writerly wardrobe. Thanks to these two hawt Hot Topic models for showing off my two new purchases.

5. Tea. I purchased a tea infuser, my first ever, inspired by Ro’s herbal tea collection. Herbal is NOT for me–I need caffeine, thank you very much. The Amana General Store has a great selection of tea, if you’re ever travelling through the colonies and need some tea.

4. Coffee. Starbucks. Whatever keeps my brother-in-law from hugging me. 😉 I love him to death, from a distance.

3. Another year of contributing the money we would spend on Christmas gifts for my family to a charity. We will be donating goods to the local homeless shelter, and probably donating money to HRC. My friend Jacen has been adamantly campaigning against the Salvation Army. The year we started the donation initiative, right before I joined Pride, I thought donating to the Salvation Army to help with Super Storm Sandy was a good idea. I’ve learned so much since then. Don’t worry, friends. I promise I will donate to an LGBT-friendly charity.

2. The Kinsey House and Longitudes and Latitudes, for keeping me in the web-comicy goodness. I wish I could draw. Al and Denny stories would be all over the interwebz.

 1. Ideas. Imagination. All of the images that keep rolling through my brain, demanding to be written into words and given life. The chibi elf above is not my creation, but he’s adorable, so I’m sharing him with you. Share the chibi elves in your head. One day, they will grow up to be bigger than Hetalia.

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