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April Updates: Covers, Releases, Overall Tagline and Layout

Did you follow along with the cover reveal for Circles of Light on Instagram? This is the first time I've revealed a sequel cover, and it was a ton of fun!

This is Veldani (elven name)/Velden (Rovingian Kite name)/Denny (Al's nickname for him). I love this cover so much, and I'm so happy to share it with all of you finally! Natasha Snow gave me six perfect covers for this series, but the two with Denny are my favorites. (Al's and Faraki's are also splendid, so don't quote me on that!)

Did you know you can start reading the Farbonnur Elves series with Circles of Light? Stone of Power is a ton of fun, but if Enemies to Lovers really isn't for you and you're here for fated mates, former blood mages, and giant enby creatures with wings, begin the journey with Circles of Light!

I've updated my tagline. I borrowed "M/M Romance for the Masses" from Freddie Mercury's statement that Queen's campy rock and roll was "Opera for the masses," so I added, "It's not opera, my dears!" as a tribute to my favorite frontman. I didn't intend to say romance readers are lowbrow, but it may be perceived that way. I don't want to alienate anyone who likes romance or opera! The new tagline is "Let Me Entertain You," which is a Queen song title, one of my favorites. If I've missed an update somewhere, let me know. I have so many social media accounts, it's hard to know which I've changed and which I haven't, and which I've completely forgotten I even have.

I've changed the layout for my book offerings, which led to some broken links for a minute. I think it's all resolved now (if not, let me know). I write contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy M/M romance, and that's not about to change. I'll have another installment to Haunted Hollywood Ever Afters in 2023, and I hope to have the next New Year book out by, you guessed it, New Year's 2022. I also have a new fantasy series in the works (think Our Flag Means Death meets elemental magic) and a stand-alone idea for which I bought a cover based on nothing but an outline (and it's a good cover!).

I'll be adding the Circles of Light cast and definitions to the Farbonnur FAQs page before the end of April. First, I need to get the book out to ARC readers and uploaded to Amazon because books need to happen. Circles of Light releases on April 29!

Writing update: I'm working on Tower of Lies now. I researched and discovered this is a traditional harem, since the empiri (Davri) is male. I was thinking it's reverse because the tower is also male, but reverse means there's a female in charge, and while Valorias is technically in charge, it's not her harem. Will there be poly pairings (MMMM - they're still pairs, but possibly a quad)? I haven't written one yet, but it could happen. I'm just now wrapping Act I - many scenes to go. There's an epic MMM scene at the end, too. Faraki has to get to Elsinor somehow, and what a way to go.

That's all for April! May will have the Hives of Sorrow cover reveal and more updates!

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