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April Updates: New Release, Cover Reveal, and Links

Hi all! April has been busy, and once again I've made several updates to the website. Most of those were to the links page with the Bookfunnel promotions I've run throughout the month.

I've been busy working on a super-secret mpreg m/m romance project from Edie Monte this winter! I hope it's as much fun for you to read as it's been for me to write it! I'm getting ready to release my first Edie Monte title on June 23. The cover for The Monster at the End of This Pregnancy is now up on the website and on Amazon!

A man with purple scales and hair on a blue geometric design background with the title "The Monster at the End of This Pregnancy" by Edie Monte with the subtitle An M/M Mpreg Romance
The Monster at the End of This Pregnancy by Edie Monte

Medium to Well Matched, book 2 in the Haunted Hollywood Ever Afters series, is here! If you love the book and the series, share your love far and wide and let others know how much you want more of this world!

I've finished the outline for the pirate trilogy, Romancing the High Seas. I start work on Take No Prisoners on May 1. I'm so excited to begin work on this series! I'm returning to magical epic fantasy, and each book will have a separate romance and different main characters but will continue the story arc.

Grave Throbbing, a vampire novella set in the Uncertain Future world, is already up for preorder for October 4. DoElle Designs (the same artist as The Monster at the End of This Pregnancy above) will be designing that cover for me in May - I'm so excited for this one and I can't wait to work with her again!

I've been sitting on the cover for New Year, New View since last summer, and I really need to finish it for a November release, too! I'm hoping to split some time with the pirates to get it all done this year. I don't put the preorders up until the book is written, which is why the links above may seem a little haphazard.

If you love my books, I implore you to share them far and wide to get the word out. Help me find my audience!

Thank you so much for letting me entertain you!

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