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Are We There Yet?

No, writing a book is not like baking cookies, but sometimes I feel like Cookie Monster. Is this book finished yet? I rewrote the first ten chapters, and then re-tuned the last ten chapters to match. I re-read it for inconsistencies and caught them. Did I catch them all? Only Ash knows.

Do I ask my betas to re-read a book they’ve already read? My alpha flat-out told me he’s not reading it again until it’s published, “So at least you can’t fuck with it any more.”


How do you know when a book is finished and ready to submit? Do you ever just submit after a rewrite this extensive?

I’ve edited this book to the point that I hate it. I hate every line. I think the plot is ridiculous. I hate the secondary characters. They irritate my main characters to no end. If this goes well, I’ll have to write about them. Right now, I want to put them in a room with no air and let them suffocate.

So…time to write something new. I’m going back to the YA book this weekend. They’re tolerable. Until they’re not. Then I’ll switch to one of my fantasy novels. I have plenty of manuscripts to choose from. For some reason, I keep writing stupid shit, and then rewriting it.

Why bother, you ask?

I can’t not write. I love it too much.

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