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Ask Nicely

I'm filled with rage at the world today and trying very hard not to let it show. I'll channel it into writing later. For now, I need to be happy, positive Edie so I can sell books...or get people to sign up for my newsletter so they can read my new book when it's available.

I asked my bestie, who has not yet signed up for my newsletter, for some advice on how to get people to sign up for my newsletter. He said, "Ask nicely." I wasn't aware I was being rude before. If my prior attempts to convince people were out of place, I am very sorry.

I'm offering two great free short stories and a biweekly (every two weeks) newsletter to tell you what's going on in my world. It's really helpful if you don't have time to read biweekly (twice a week) blogs or follow my Facebook account daily. I'll also share what I'm reading, since my top ten books read each year are my most popular blog posts, by far.

If giving away free stuff and keeping you all informed isn't nice enough of me, I'm out of ideas and out of spoons. Please sign up for my newsletter. Thanks.

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