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August Updates: Tower of Lies Cast, Blurbs, Links, and More!

August 26 is the publication date for Tower of Lies, so I've updated the Farbonnur Elves FAQ to include Tower of Lies' new character names and pronunciations.

I've been busy procrastinating this month. Between editing Tower of Lies and getting Tree of Secrets ready for betas, I've written exactly 530 new words. For those of you keeping track, that's 49,470 words short of my goal this month. While procrastinating, I've made tons of promotional memes available on Instagram, written blurbs for Tree of Secrets and Demon of Darkness, commissioned a cover for New Year New View (I cannot wait to show it to you!) and updated my Links page with my August promotion for M/M Romance freebies.

I'm also taking a "one font to rule them all" approach to the website, so you may have noticed font changes. If you hate it, please let me know and I'll go back to the drawing board:

That's it! That's what's happening this month. Here's a taste of what you're missing by not following me on Instagram:

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