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Back to Normal-ish

It's my last day of the vacation that wasn't. Other than finishing the book I haven't named yet, I did nothing I'd planned. If you've been here long enough, you know that's the story of my life. Side note, my memoir gained a title this week, thanks to my doggos: Oh, You Need Water Again?

Vacation wasn't all bad. I managed a couple hits of awesomeness along with the lightning. I Zoomed with my Bestie, and Lemur brought us Dairy Queen for dinner after my computer died. If you're thinking a DQ with actual food, you'd be wrong. We had Blizzards for dinner. They were delicious.

Well, that's it on the awesome list.

Tomorrow, I return to work. I have one project I know I need to finish, and who knows what has happened to the various Guild boards (I mean Trello, but wouldn't it be cool if we really had a Chantry board, and quests?). I may have a million side-quests to complete, or I may have just the one. Either way, work is work, and vacation is not work. In this time of COVID-19, vacation isn't exactly vacation, either.

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