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Beautiful Day

February 18, 2017, and we’re enoying the second sixty-plus day in a row. This has been the weirdest winter I can remember (and I’m getting old, so I remember quite a few).

The seond generation Pokemon spawned in our area, so we spent the morning searching for them. Lemur drove my car so we could get it to the car wash, and then we toured the parks and downtown.

It is a beautiful Saturday. Why am I still thinking about work? Worse, I keep thinking about my day job, not my writing dream. I’m still angry over the events earlier this week. I’m sad to burn a bridge that I very much wanted to cross later. I wanted a good relationship with this entity as Edie Montreux. Instead, I have to be the bad guy and act on behalf of someone else.

It’s time to focus on writing, and ignore what could have been. I’m going to edit my contemporary novel this weekend. When I get bored and need new words, it’s back to the YA novel.

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