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Been There, Done That

The past couple of weeks, I’ve pulled blog topics from pop culture and current events. Today? Nothing.

It’s the first Tuesday in November, which means it’s time to vote. Boring.

Daylight Saving Time gave us an hour back. I’ve talked about that before.

I found some cute floof because I needed floof today. I’ve already done that, too.

We can never have enough floof.

National Novel Writing Month started last week. I haven’t written my first word. Last year, I flat out announced I wasn’t doing NaNo. This year, I have a book to write and no patience. I’m so tired after my first job, I don’t show up to my second job:

The Walking Dead is back! Remember when I found ten Negan memes?

It’s Tuesday, but here’s another fun one:

Stranger Things 2 was amazing. You don’t need me to tell you that, and I’m not going to spoil it.

Thanks for reading and rehashing the same old shit with me. I’m working on turning this vicious circle into an upward spiral. With the blog out of the way, I might actually get to the second job.

Thanks most of all for your support and patience.

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