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Beer and Other Randomness

You know your friends love you when they go to Chicago and are inspired to buy you beer:

You also know your friends love you when they listen to exactly what you wanted and design the coolest logo ever for your business cards. (Coming soon!)

I love you too, my dears! (((HUGS))) Not mentioned above? Well, this hug’s still for you.

I’m on week three of The Artist’s Way, and trying to finish reading Iron and Ether before I see Gus at YCon. In other words, trying to do ALL THE THINGS. It’s going to be crazy busy for the next two weekends, and then FREDDIE DAYS begin on Edie Montreux – the Facebook Page on September 5. Let me know if you have any memes you’d like to see this year. Otherwise, follow along and enjoy the Freddie memes!

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