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Bios and Dedications

My bio line on Amazon, Goodreads, and my website all match. If you haven't read it, here it is:

Long ago, Edie named Freddie Mercury the Patron Saint of HIV tests. She made a promise to listen to every Queen album and join every LGBTQ+ movement, if only she could live. Now, she is HIV negative, a huge Queen fan, and a cis-demi-het ally supporting LGBTQ+ charities. She writes LBGTQ+ fiction and M/M romance to stay sane. She/her.

It's the perfect bio for the author of a novella about a man whose main goal in life is to attend the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. Except...that's not all I wrote, by far, and now I'm about to release a second novella, this one about a fantasy world where no one has heard of Freddie Mercury.

Should I rewrite my bio to fit both of my passions, Freddie and fantasy? Probably. I'm thinking something more like what I used to have (and what is my actual bio in Spread Your Wings):

Edie Montreux is a cis-demi-het ally for all aspects of the LGBTQ+ rainbow. She loves her husband, Queen, dogs, and video games. Edie works full-time to support her LGBTQ+-fiction writing habit, but still finds time to walk the dogs and protect imaginary worlds from fantasy creatures. She/her.

Sera. I'm protecting Sera from Locusts. Should I just be blunt about it? I haven't played in months, but Gears of War 5 is just around the corner...

Part of me hates both of my bios, and part of me wonders if I can hijack enough of both to make a third that's better. I'll be reaching out to the people who know me best for ideas.

In the meantime, I'll be over here, writing to stay sane.

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