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Bless the Rains


This is going to seem a little off-track. This is what happens when I come back from a week of vacation: My brain, and my blogging skills, are a little off-kilter.

My favorite place to vacation is California, but it’s on fire this summer. As a humanitarian effort, I wonder what would happen if we all changed the words to Toto’s “Africa” to “I bless the rains in California.” Okay, so “California” doesn’t fit as well as “down in Africa,” but what if the collective “we” could make it rain, ending the terrible drought that has lasted longer than most winters in Westeros?

Sure, there are probably more reasonable, scientific ways to make it rain. I know they don’t want the kind of rain Hawaii is getting right now, either. If someone has a better idea on how we can end this dry season naturally, tell us how in the comments. (And no, “the gays did it – make them stop and God will stop punishing California with fire” is NOT a better idea, asshole. Please leave my blog, go forth, and troll no more.)

Rain is one of my favorite things, so here’s another video for ambiance:

Bless the rains, my friends. There’s plenty of water on this blue planet to go around.

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