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Blog Bunnies

When I don’t have time to blog, it’s amazing how many ideas will come to me. The following blog ideas hit me over the weekend, when I had no time to blog. Oh, the blogs I could have blogged:

  1. Being a Princess. Insert the “Head Over Feet” video by Alanis Morrisette.

  2. I love Charles Barkley. I included a gif of Barkley in last week’s Alejandro blog, which reminded me of my favorite college basketball announcer. For a brief moment in high school, Barkley was the only reason I took an offered Phoenix Suns shirt.

  3. My love/hate relationship with food. Nobody wants to hear a skinny bitch complain she would eat more if food didn’t twist her insides.

  4. Work. I’m not out as a M/M romance writer and I don’t trust anyone. Pretty sure I’ve already done that. Nothing has changed, except I have a new team and even less trust.

  5. Amy Lane broke me with Selfie. I love her books, but damn. I need to re-read the entire Candy Man series to feel better after Selfie. 

  6. Gratiutde. My bestie helped me out last week by sharing his insights on something that squicked me out and felt like grade school all over again. Here’s another link to Alejandro, in case you missed it.

  7. Love. Lemur love. Friend love. Game love. We spent Saturday all-day gaming with our D&D group, getting our PhD’s in math – required for 4th Edition level 30 characters.

  8. A letter to my ex. A friend reminded me of the shit he wanted back when we broke up. How’s that glass lamp-oil candle treating you, Dumbass?

  9. The weather. It’s fucking cold here. Other parts of the world are having a heat wave, according to Facebook posts. We already need to mow again, when it dries out.

  10. Bobby Darin, Kevin Spacey, and the strange lessons of Beyond the Sea. It’s not exactly timely, I know. It was meh, but then, I expected meh. It set the bar low for other musical movies, like the Queen movie, Bohemian Rhapsody. The Queen movie had better be amazing. Rami Malek, I’m looking at you.

Instead of getting a mediocre blog this week, you got ten mediocre blog ideas. I’m not convinced they achieve the title “Blog Bunnies.” Want any of them (or none of them) to become a reality? Comment which you’d like to read.

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