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Finally, the blog I’ve been waiting for! I have a cover! The book will be out later this month, and I’m so thrilled!

So, here we go: the cover for Spread Your Wings, coming soon from MLR Press:

Spread Your Wings by MP

Thanks so much to Melody Pond for the cover!

The blurb: (from MLR Press)

On the way to the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, Sammy gives Mustafa a chance to escape the Bosnian war.

Spread Your Wings is the tale of Sammy Connelly’s first job as a CNN Correspondent in Sarajevo in February 1992. The job and rising tensions in Sarajevo do little to calm Sammy’s nerves before the biggest concert of his lifetime: The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert. One of the hotel clerks, Mustafa, helps Sammy with a health scare and distracts him from the war. When Mustafa ends up in the hospital as a casualty of war, Sammy knows he’s got to get him to London, and home to Atlanta, if Mustafa will go. Along the way, they experience the largest celebrity tribute concert of our time and find “Somebody to Love.”

Are you as excited as I am for this ebook release? There are some great Easter eggs for Queen fans. I’ll edit with buy links once they’re available.

Thanks so much to my writing partner, who gave me the courage to keep writing on a tight deadline, to Lemur for being the foundation for my creativity, and to my bestie for making me laugh when I was ready to cry.

This is my debut. I hope you all like it!

Update: Buy link – MLR Press

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