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Breasted Boobily

I had to leave my property for the first time since I returned home from work on March 17. Lemur has been going to his workplace daily and then running errands on his way home. I am incredibly lucky have both a job where I can work from home and a loving human willing to shop for me during this time.

Unfortunately, there's something Lemur can't do for me. He can't go to my annual mammogram appointment scheduled in January. He can't have his boobs squished in my place.

This was only my second annual of (hopefully) many. Thanks to breast cancer in my family, I needed to start early and often. For now, they're doing the 3-D mammography. Thanks to dense tissue, I'll probably be called back for an MRI scan if anything looks out of place.

I debated whether I should even go due to COVID-19. I'm glad I did. I wore my mask, they wore their protective gear, and I was the only person in the waiting room. I was in and out in fifteen minutes, and I don't have to go again for another year.

If your doctor is telling you a mammogram is in your future and you've been afraid to schedule one, you can do this. I skipped a couple of years when I should have gone because I was scared. Trust me, it's okay. The hardest part is holding your breath. If you can hold your breath for ten seconds, you got this. Breast cancer is no joke - it's better to know than to not know. You, too, can breast boobily for your health!

In case you're wondering where the title came from and assumed it's because a man wrote a ridiculous description of a female character, you're right!

May we all breast boobily to our exams (but no titting downwards - that sounds dangerous).

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