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Building an Empire

It’s already been a week, and it’s only Tuesday. I didn’t have a blog topic tonight. I used Portent’s random content idea generator. I wanted my blog topic to be Freddie Mercury. The title they chose: “How to Build an Empire with Freddie Mercury.”

I hit the button again. The next idea: “How to Make Freddie Mercury as Fierce as RuPaul.” Where do you think Ru learned to be fierce?

RuPaul is part of my Freddie Mercury Empire now. It’s canon. First person to ship it wins the slash fiction contest. I don’t have any prizes, but I will think of something if you make this happen.

If Freddie Mercury were part of the Star Wars Empire, who would he be?

If Freddie were on Empire, he would outsing, and out-drama, the entire cast.

The next title: “Why Freddie Mercury Is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.”

The first commercial I saw during the Super Bowl was this one.* Freddie wrote their jam, “We Will Rock You.” Keep your bread. His music is my soul.

The final title generated tonight: “How Freddie Mercury Once Saved the World.” There was the day he rocked the world…

There’s a classified document somewhere. I’m certain he’s saved the world on several occasions. He saves my life daily with his music. Tonight, he made this a kickass blog, thanks to the random blog title generator.

Thank you, Freddie.

Seriously, though. Email me your flash fiction (up to 1k words) RuPaul/Freddie ship. I’ll post them Saturday, and announce a winner if there’s more than one! (If you’ve played Cards Against Humanity with me, please accept this challenge – you know how damn hard it is for me to pick a winner.) *What? There was another Dodge commercial? Nope! Not going there today, friends. Please, for the love. Send me flash fiction, not social justice. I need this tonight.

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