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Building Habits

I know I say I'm not into resolutions, but damn, this whole setting new goals and making sure you achieve them daily feels a lot like New Year's Resolutions, especially when you decide to start new goals over Christmas vacation.

It's only January 7, but my streak for walking 10k steps per day is 16 days. I've already read two books in my Goodreads challenge. I'm up to ten entries on my 5kWPH spreadsheet (I downloaded it sometime after Christmas). I started a new journal notebook on December 22 and have written (at least) three pages each day with the exception of the two days I had to work 14+ hours.

The nice thing about starting early is I don't feel the crushing weight of the world if I miss a day. I'm building habits. Sometimes, that means missing a day and getting right back at it the next day. Fuck it - I started early. I have some built-in cushion.

That's what I tell myself, anyway.

How do you achieve your New Year's Goals?

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