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Burr on the Street, Hamilton in the Sheets

I am Burr on the Street, and Hamilton in the Sheets. Of paper. Yeah. Let’s start there.

If you want me to shut up, ask me a personal question.

You want to know what I did last night?

I went for a walk with Lemur. I wrote. I ate dinner. I talked to a friend. I went to bed. I lay in bed for an hour after that, talking to Lemur about writing.

None of that will ever be discussed at work. 

Walks are exercise. People who like to talk about exercise bore me. Not bringing it up.

Writing is so private, especially in this early stage of healing with The Writer’s Way, that I will never discuss it at work. Not only that, but I’m still terrified what I write will get me fired one day. 

Dinner is dinner–I don’t have Instagram, I didn’t cook it, so no, I’m not going to talk about it. 

I don’t gossip about friends at work…only coworkers every now and again, and I pay for it over and over and over. I really need to stop that because it’s a small world and I talk loud. I also change my mind, so when people hear the horrible things I said a couple of months ago, they are no longer true, but I’m still a horrible person.

I won’t talk about myself at work. I try to talk less, smile more, and blend in with the scenery. 

I’m Team Burr at work, but I’m Team Hamilton at home. At home, I say whatever I want. I share everything with Lemur, including the partially-formed thoughts that probably drive him crazy. I speak my mind with my friends. I don’t tell them I love them enough. Sharing is my way of showing how much I love someone.

One day, I’ll be the same person at work and at home. I’m willing to wait for it.

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