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Can't Be Arsed

A derecho rolled through the Midwest last week, leaving us without power for almost five days. We don't live in some backwater hick town, either - we live in the largest city in this state. (Though "city" might be pushing it compared to Chicago or NYC.)

The storm also destroyed trees on my parents' Century Farm and damaged a couple buildings. On the drive to their place, we saw flattened cornfields and downed limbs at the top of every rise. Further east, some Cedar Rapids residents may be without power until September.

I took Tuesday off after my work computer died ten minutes into my shift. Later that day, they texted me saying I could come into the office to work. That's right, I peopled last week, and then went to visit my parents. Not the ideal situation with COVID still lingering, but it couldn't be helped. Lemur and I wore masks when we were working and sat far enough from them on the porch when we were done. We only entered the house to use the basement bathroom, otherwise known as the cat's bedroom; except to close the door on him at night, no one goes down there. I hope we're safe. I guess we'll know in ten days.

What's new on the writing front, you ask? Nothing, friends. Not a blessed thing. I wrote a short story last weekend, and I haven't touched my computer since. I read some books and played some word games on my phone, but that's it. I was supposed to send my newsletter Saturday. I'm tired of watching people unsubscribe every time I hit send, and I have nothing to promote, not even the new freebie I should have polished by now. I will send it on September first because friends have things to promote. Until then, I can't be arsed

I hope you're dealing better with the new normal than I am.

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