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I decided to blog on Mondays and Fridays on a Saturday. This is my first Friday blog. I'm tired, it's already past my bedtime, and I have no real concept of what I can get done this weekend because 1) I have to write a 20+ minute webinar, 2) I need to research some Hollywood shit before I can start rewriting, and 3) I'll be fighting this stupid heat dome all weekend, proving once again I am either the worst weather witch or fantastic at pulling horrible weather patterns to myself.

I'm seriously questioning my life choices right now. Why did I decide writing fiction was the way to spend my free time? Lemur is enjoying another round of Gears of War 4 Horde. I could be playing, too. Why did I decide to blog on Friday nights, when my brain is completely fried?

My Bestie would just ask, "Why not?" And that's why we're here, because why not? If I wait to blog tomorrow, I'll miss out on some researching/writing time, I'll waste time watching Lemur play more video games when I should be writing, and I'll end up pissing away another weekend instead of doing the things I need to do.

I'll check in Monday to either freak the fuck out about the webinar or tell you all I've got this.

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