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Christmas Vacation

Every year, I tell myself I’m going to take more meaningful vacations throughout the year, rather than saving time until the end of the year.

Once again, that didn’t happen in 2017. Winter also decided to rear its ugly head this week, so it’s been cold and dreary. Even so, Lemur and I are making the most of our vacation. Here’s some of the awesome:

– We went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. That’s right – I went to an actual movie theater and I didn’t die. I didn’t even have a panic attack.

– Lemur got an oil change. Ooh, exciting. It helped me get in my steps for the day because we walked to the shop.

– I finished my Christmas shopping. To celebrate the true spirit of Christmas, our family donates to charity instead of wasting money on tasteless gifts for each other. I split my savings three ways this year: a friend in need, a family in need due to cancer treatments, and LGBTQ+ youth in need (The Trevor Project). I’m not saying you should do this, especially if your family is better at gift-giving than mine. However, if you want to feel good about yourself in this season of giving, The Trevor Project is pretty awesome.

– Lemur overtook me in Skyrim. I got bored, and now he’s at level 9 where I stopped playing at level 6.

– I’ve gotten to spend plenty of time with the pup while writing. I’m working on an 8k erotica short. It’s rough for a rough draft, but I hope I’ll have enough words left to smooth it out.

May you also enjoy your weekend and happy holidays!

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