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  • Edie Montreux

Coffee Overdose

I love coffee. I have a huge cup every morning before work, and usually another cup at work. Coffee helps me focus and makes me happy. I am in love with the world after two cups.

This morning, I had a pot of coffee at Perkin’s. Delicious, as was the pie! 

There is a point where you can have too much caffeine, and I’m there. I can edit, but I can’t write. I can’t really even blog. My eyes hurt from staring at the white screen, so I imagine I’ve been doing this:

Since I’m hurting, I figured I would give you some more coffee memes, and then get back to editing.

I hate cold coffee. I just hope I don’t meet this guy in hell:

Back to editing! If I make it through Breaking All the Rules, I’m going to celebrate!

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