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Common Theme

I'm wrapping up proofs on Pika Perfect today and also thinking about promotion for our vampire anthology, Working Stiffs. Before COVID-19 overtook the world, these two stories, Pika Perfect and "Quality Assured," my vampire short, had a common theme. Pika Perfect's college student, Blaze, wants to save the planet, one pika at a time. My head vampire also wants to save the planet before the humans burn it down and take the vampires with them.

Climate change is a reality for me. If it's not your reality, you must live on another planet. Reports are already coming in: less smog and more wildlife activity while humans are on lockdown due to the virus. The planet is going to self-correct and it doesn't care if humans live through the correction or not. Unfortunately, we won't be the only species wiped out by our stupidity. Pikas are in danger of extinction. They live at the top of the world, above the tree line in mountainous regions. They don't adapt well to heat. When it's too hot in the mountains, they overheat and suffocate in their dens.

You're going to start seeing the hashtag, #allpikasareperfect for promotion of Pika Perfect. I'm going to do my best to bring awareness to their plight. Here is the adorable mountain rabbit, the pika, offering you some flowers.

(You're going to see a ton of this image because I purchased it and I love it and pikas are adorable!)

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