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All thoughts lead to my success, including your thoughts, so I’m sharing this with you. I have an interview on Friday for my DREAM JOB at my Great Place to Work. It marries my writing background with my insurance knowledge. It feeds my desire to collaborate on the right answers and to present them in the fastest, easiest way possible. It sparks my inner inquisitor, who wants to ask ALL THE QUESTIONS. And it makes the kid in me who loves watching silly how-to videos on Amazon consider the ways we could incorporate video for our phone reps.

Writing is my passion. It’s also a talent. It’s what they pay me to do now, only on a different level. Rather than writing about what I hear and protecting feelings by writing in passive voice (what should not have been done), I’ll be actively providing step-by-step instructions on what to do. I’ll reach a wider audience, hundreds vs. one at a time. I’ll receive immediate feedback on my work from multiple sources, not just one person.

This is my dream job at my current company. It’s not full-time novelist, but it’s a logical progression from where I am to where I’m going. It’s about personal growth: practicing my writing and editing skills just as much at work as I do at home. I’m all about reading ease. Let’s get Flesch-Kincaid all up in this bitch. Maybe it’s time to introduce Hemingway, and see how many sentences need revision. You want system knowledge? I’ll show you systems you didn’t know existed.

Lemur always tells me to have a back-up plan, so I’m not so devastated when it doesn’t work out. This is the first time since my first interview for lowly floor rep that I feel confident about my success.

This is the job for me. This is where I belong.

However, if I must have a back-up plan, it is to beg on DSP’s doorstep until they let me in. “Will edit for publishing contract.” Hey, if Molly of Mike and Molly can get a publishing contract with a partial manuscript, then my hair-brained scheme is Hollywood-worthy, too.

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