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Things are always on the move here in Edie's virtual writing studio. That's because Edie can't make up her fucking mind to save her life. She also loved the shiny free things way too much when she first started blogging, and stayed where her work bullies could find her a little too long. (If they followed here, so be it.)

Two URL changes and you're still following? Bitch, please. You're a fan.

Okay, enough third person. I own these mistakes. I chose to start a blog on Blogger. I then chose to move it to Wordpress. I then stayed on Wordpress for over a year knowing full well I wanted a fully functional website/blog/mailing list/marketplace option. I now have two of the four: I've combined my website with my blog, thanks to the wonderful folks at Wix who eliminated the garbage from my Wordpress URL so I could move the files. I tried to eliminate the crud myself, but didn't remove enough of it.

I also finished the first round of edits for The King's Physician this week (website changes coming as soon as I figure out how to do giveaways with a mailing list!). It's still a ton of fun and makes me want to reopen the trunk and dust off my Farbonnur Elves series. I love writing in this fantasy world. I look forward to sharing this Enemies to Lovers M/M romance with you later this year.

The summer's already slipping away from us. I hope you have a chance to do something fun. We've made some great progress toward our full privacy fence, and now we're waiting for the builders to arrive next week. Our dogs are going to be so happy when they can run, play, and chase every creature stupid enough to come into our yard. Little dog is a shark. Big dog is content to dig up my flowers and run around the yard with them in his mouth.

Big dog does not like where I replanted the irises.

What are your summer plans?

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