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Creating in a World of Chaos

confusion and delay

Everything outside the day job seems to be rolling along at a snail’s pace these days. Responses don’t happen as quickly as expected, even by expert standards (not just beginners like me). Trying to find the energy to write is hard. Creating in a world of chaos is hard.

I wrote my first novel during the Bush administration – the first draft was 210k words. I was angry, yes, and I wrote my anger at the administration and politics in general into that novel.

The world today is so fucked up my brain can’t even comprehend it. I want to put these ideas into words, but I’d rather escape from it. I wrote my current rewrite project during the Obama administration, when I was happy and carefree, and it shows. Rewriting today about happier times just makes me feel sad. And old.

To all the writers out there, struggling to create and waiting for responses back on submitted projects, I see you. I appreciate you. I feel your pain and I’m sending you all good vibes. Let’s kick this chaos in the ass, put our butts-in-chair, and write until it’s easy again.

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