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Creativity Burnout (TM)

I'm still dealing with Creativity Burnout (TM). I slept last night, which is good. I played some Pokemon Go and enjoyed a venti caramel latte from Starbucks while we drove around our beautiful town this morning. I even had a chance to play with the doggos and enjoy time in the yard. So why, when I sit down to blog and then edit, do I feel like my life-force is being sucked out of my body through my fingertips every time they touch the keyboard?

I wrote two novellas and edited a full-length novel this year before June 1. I've edited two short stories over the course of this summer, and that's it. This is the laziest I've been since I started writing Schoolhouse Five fifteen years ago.

My bestie asked me to write about how I deal with Creativity Burnout. Here's the real answer: very badly. I hate myself for being a lazy piece of shit. I've been writing this fucking synopsis for Breaking All the Rules for the last four weekends. A synopsis. I hate them, but it shouldn't take four hours, let alone four weekends, to hammer one out.

Here's how I think I should deal with Creativity Burnout: by writing something new. Has that happened? No. So, here we are.

If you see me online, tell me to go finish my synopsis and submit the damn book already.

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