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Damage Report

Wow, friends. It’s been a week.

I spent the morning scrolling through social media, not knowing what to say. I’m going to say what’s on my mind this time. Please forgive me for the politics.

Betty Bowers coined a new hashtag on Twitter, and it sums up the last seven months for me: #electaclowngetacircus

First, I want to express again my support for transgender troops in the military. Any able-bodied person who wants to serve the United States of America should have that choice. I also want to make it clear: I support all transgender, genderqueer, gender-fluid, non-binary, and agender people. You are not second class citizens. Your existence is valid. You deserve to live as you are, without judgment from an angry old man with no understanding of “distraction.” I value you as my friends and my readers. Keep being you. I love you all.

I also want to express my relief that Repeal, Replace, Repeal Only, Skinny Repeal, and any other bullshit name for eliminating healthcare for up to 22 million Americans has failed to pass in the Senate. Republicans have had seven years to develop a plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Seriously, if you hate it that much, you should have been doing your research, doing your homework, and finding a way to make it better. Instead, you were too busy sitting in gridlock.

Healthcare that lets people die is not healthcare. Healthcare that denies to help the poor, the elderly, women just for being women, and the sick (you know, the people who actually NEED healthcare?) is not healthcare. That’s Death Management. A Final Solution of sorts. Yes. I said that. Quote me. (Someone else said it first. There’s even a meme about it.)

Then, there’s Scaramucci. I get it. He made you all sing “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Cute. He’s not cute. He’s an idiot, and he joined the Idiot Dream Team. I bet Reince Priebus is thanking his lucky stars they didn’t change the libel laws. I hope he lawyers up. Accusing someone of having a serious mental disorder, of being, “paranoid schizophrenic, a fucking paranoiac,” should be cause for a libel suit. I’m not a lawyer, so maybe I’m wrong. Tell me in the comments.

This week’s damage report: Not as bad as it could be. Continue to speak up. Continue to speak out. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. As I said in January, we are not Germany, and this is not 1938. Thank you for reading. Thank you for continuing to live normal lives in the face of this NOT NORMAL presidency. Thank you for standing up to bullying from the White House, of all places.

Three-and-a-half more years, my friends. We can do this.

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