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Deadlines and Outlines

Today: edits.

Tomorrow: outline for the new story.

Are you a Plotter or Pantser? I want to use outlines. It never works the way I expect, and then I get frustrated. I wrote my contemporary romance novel from an outline, and now I’m on the third? rewrite.

What’s the best way to outline? I still don’t know. I’ve read so many books on the subject, but none of them hold true to the stories I want to write. Not all romances need to have a black moment of the soul, do they? My favorite characters make a choice to be together without ever making a choice to be apart. The whole “Book of Love,” “In chapter four you break up” bullshit has annoyed me since the first time I heard that song.

What is your favorite outline resource? How do you keep it fresh when you start writing? Please comment below or on FaceBook.

Happy writing!

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