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Deadpool for Christmas

Yes, I’m a Die Hard Christmas fanatic. Die Hard is the only Christmas movie there is, except maybe Scrooged.

Well, Die Hard WAS the only Christmas movie.

Here are ten reasons why Deadpool is my new favorite Christmas movie.

  1. He says Christmas. At least twice. Seriously. That’s a Christmas movie.

  1. He’s a jolly man in a red suit.

  1. Santa has reindeer. Deadpool has a unicorn.

  1. Silver balls. What.

  1. Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, scowls on Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

  1. Elves are lame. Deadpool has a blind black woman for a sidekick. Your argument is invalid.

  1. George Michael died on Christmas. Coincidence? Wham. (Too soon? Still too soon.)

  1. Deadpool is red, avocados are green.

  1. Doesn’t everyone want Morena Baccarin for Christmas? Firefly is too sad. V is too weird.

Gotham is too goofy. Deadpool: just right.

  1. Deadpool is the perfect movie for any holiday. 

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Take a look at that first meme again before you answer.

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