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Deep Freeze


Well, one thing’s for sure: All the mosquitoes from here to Canada are good and dead now.

kill you

We made it through the Midwest Deep Freeze (TM) this week. It’s now above freezing and all the snow from two weeks ago is melting. Welcome to climate change, my friends. Extreme weather conditions are here to stay.

I started the 100 Day Writing Challenge yesterday with a group of other romance writers. The goal is to write at least 100 words, or for ten minutes, every day for 100 days. I’m writing by hand, so I think(?) I wrote at least 100 words yesterday. I have seven or eight chapters to write in order to turn this fantasy story from two years ago into an enemies-to-lovers submission call due at the end of March. Once I’m done with that, I need to start another submission call due in May. Once again, I’m reusing a story I started for something else. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a hard time letting a story go.

100 words for 100 days…as long as I don’t resort to this, I should meet my deadlines:


Anyone else doing the 100 day challenge? How’s it going so far?

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