• Edie Montreux

Delilah: Pokemon Go and Synchronicity

It’s Freddie Days on my author page until November 24, so of course, I’ve been thinking of Freddie often these days. I’ve also been looking for synchronicity in my life, for the little coincidences that may or may not be coincidences.

This was not a coincidence, I assure you.

We had to go to the pet store today, to buy the really expensive prescription dog food that my dog doesn’t even like, just so we can retain his quality of life and keep him with us as long as possible. His prescription was up – it’s been six months! – so we had to go to the pet hospital section of the store. They have a list of animals’ names on their white board. In teal, one of the cat’s names stood out: Delilah.

It’s also Saturday, so I pulled out my phone (Pokemon Go already up and running) while Lemur renewed the prescription.

A Meowth. Right there, in the pet hospital.

I caught the Meowth I needed to evolve to a Persian. I looked up at the fluorescent lights and thanked Freddie.

I’m going to name her Delilah.

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