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Do You NaNo?

National Novel Writing Month is around the corner, and I’d love to start with a new project come November. The problem? I haven’t finished Breaking All The Rules (BATR) yet. I’ve included the italics so you’ll know that’s the title, not my plan for world domination.

I have maybe 20k left on BATR. I’m doing my best to knock them out before November 1, but that will leave virtually no time to plan a new novel. After reading Sasha L. Miller’s Battle of Will, I want to go back to writing fantasy. I miss my elf boys so much, but of course, this would not be another novel set in that same world. I have a wizard-pirate novel in the idea stage–maybe now is the time to flesh it out.

So, do you NaNo? If so, when do you start preparing your novel? Do you try to write the 1667 words per day to make it to 50k in 30 days, or do you wing it when you’re inspired? I’m a butt in chair girl. I need to write every day. I think the most I wrote for NaNo was 78k (Book 3 of the Farbonnir series–definitely my favorite of the series, hence the short amount of time it took me to write ALL THE WORDS.) As for planning, I like to have an outline so I know where it’s going. I need to know how it’s going to end up, and no, “Happily Ever After” is not enough of an indication for me, though it is a given for everything I write.

I’d love to hear from you if you’re planning on writing a novel this November. Add a comment below!

Back to finishing touches on BATR–wish me luck!

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